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Born in Modesto, California a good 19 years ago; Brady O'Brien began to develop a passion for photography over the last 12 years after obtaining a Leica R4 as a Christmas present, ever since, he has been developing an eye for photographing extreme scenarios, product photography, portraiture, and sports photography. In 2007-2009 Brady began to perfect his photographic skills in the field after spending hundreds of hours shooting sport/action photos for RT Productions of major cheer competitions along the West Coast (JAMZ Cheer/Dance, Golden State Spirit Association, and United Spirit Association), spending countless hours adjusting exposure and other variables with no time to spare, having shot nearly 850,000 photos in that time period with his total number of photos taken reaching nearly 4 million as of summer 2013. During the summer of 2009 Brady attended a seminar at the Brooks Institute for Photography in Santa Barbara, California, having hands on experience with alumni students from the prestigious photography institute, learning key aspects of portraiture and product photography, skills that he now incorporates in his senior portrait sessions. Currently, he continues to photograph major cheer competitions throughout the West Coast with RT Productions and intends to increase his photographic knowledge, professionalism, and skill, while looking forward to seeing you at his next photo shoot.



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